Best vacuum for wood floors

Combination of traditional and modern wood requires extra care cleaning is must

Best vacuum for wood floors : Wood floor is one of the beautiful floors one can have at home as it gives you royal feeling, but your work will not finish here you need to be very regular with its tending if you want that it should keep shining for longer period of time for several years after installation. No one would like to spend so much on the floor if proper maintenance will not take place daily in a routine. In order to show off about the wood floors, you need to spend at least one hour for cleaning it thoroughly.

Best Vacuum Cleaner Brands

Generally, the wood floors need more extra care in comparison with the other types of floors. You have to protect wood floors from cracks, scratches, and other wear and tear caused due to other appliances used in-house such as hot iron, furniture, etc. Everyday cleaning with the help of the best car vacuum can make it easy for you to keep your wooden floors safe for longer period, especially the ones made for cleaning wooden floors only.

Easy methods- to follow to keep wood floors away from scratches

Beauty of the wooden floor stays until its shine remains within. Once the shine starts fading, they start looking old and look less attractive. Shine is lost due to cleaning and dirt scratches occur that causes little lines in the flooring and the soft flooring turns into scratchy flooring that leads to less shiny flooring.

Scratches are caused when you do not use a proper method for cleaning. If you use a proper method then for sure you will be able to maintain the shine of the wood floors for longer period. One of the main reasons to use correct method is that once the scratches start growing they will keep on increasing from one to hundred that will damage the wood floors completely. Therefore, individuals have to be quite careful with the wooden floors.

Understand about things we need to avoid

Buying a wrong appliance for cleaning will cause more problems, so be careful, gather information while you purchase certain type of wood flooring for your house.

Usually in wood floors, it is quite difficult to find out whether it is dirty or not because dust will sit on it and you will not able to recognize it as the color and texture is somewhat same. It is only then when you touch the floor that you will be able to find if it is dirty or not.

Do not rub your floors using a scrubber and detergents, as they are quite harsh on such floorings. If you want to go for wet cleaning, make sure you use big foam sponge to clean. Wet cleaning should include fresh clean water only; there should be no use of detergents.

Use stick vacuum cleaners for wood flooring. They make it easy for a person to balance while cleaning and due to the lightweight they do not cause scratches on wood floors.

You need to keep in mind that many shopkeepers will offer you conventional vacuum cleaners as only few types of wooden floorings can be used for cleaning. However, is not a good choice for all types of wood floors, so know which type of wood is been used for flooring in your house to buy an appropriate machine for cleaning.

The regular vacuum cleaners do not have larger capacity to suck dirt; therefore, they will not help you in cleaning wood floors properly, when you have wood flooring in the entire house.

Modern vacuum cleaners are better choice for cleaning wood floors

In the modern vacuum cleaner models, you get all the latest features that help to clean wood floors thoroughly. The most remarkable features in modern vacuum cleaners for wood floors are soft edges, paddled wheels, and extensions to move the vacuum cleaner freely from one place to another.

Stick vacuum best vacuum for wood floors

All the individuals especially women suffering from back problems will not have to worry about cleaning of the wood floors in their house as they have a friend in need and it is stick vacuum that provides an ease of handling with its adjustable features. You can work with this vacuum with one hand only; you just need to move it and all the dirt will directly go inside the vacuum. Stick vacuum gives you very good clean finish that you will not have to go for any further wet cleaning.

Understand the need of extensions

When you have larger area of flooring to cover, you definitely need extensions. So buy a vacuum for wood floors that give you an ease to cover larger area while cleaning. Larger the extensions, easy will be your task to clean.

Size and weight matters while purchasing wood floor vacuum

Remember that when you purchase a vacuum for wood flooring, do not directly go to the section of vacuum cleaners having more weight, you will need a vacuum cleaner of medium size that is power packed with high suction power and use minimum power for running.

This part of the article is totally about what to look for in wood floor vacuums.

We look for a machine that will not only clean the wood floors but other parts of the house , so we need a vacuum cleaner whose primary feature is to clean wood floors but supports cleaning of other items in the house too and this will be possible with the attachments available with the vacuum for wood floors. The primary feature of wood floor will be to clean efficiently and effectively.

Cleaning Method

The traditional vacuum cleaners come with spinning brush that rolls down to gather dirt, but now these vacuums do not work well on wood floors. You need to be careful , if you are saving money and going for traditional vacuum, learn about the type of brush that is specially meant for cleaning wood floors, unless drop the idea of buying a traditional vacuum. Ask your manufacturer from whom you bought the flooring to tell you about the vacuum you would like to use for cleaning wood floors.

Suction and motor power

Modern models of vacuum cleaner for wood floors do not have a brush, so they entirely depend on suction power for thorough cleaning. Strong motor of a vacuum cleaner can make it easy for the person to meet the requirement of your needs to provide a better suction level while cleaning. The requirement for the suction power on wood floors is 1000 watts to 1400 watts out of which 1000 watts power is enough for those who have pets in their house.

Maintenance of filter and ease of filtrations

With the help of air, dirt is soaked inside the vacuum that means air also enters the vacuum cleaner. Most of the vacuum cleaners do not have nice filters because of which the dirt remains in the pump and comes out back to the house. In such case, you need a vacuum cleaner with HIPA filters; the best vacuum cleaners for wood floors come with these filters to clean the floors. Filtration of particles is quite high in case of HIPA filters.

If you have a nice filter, that does not mean you need lesser of maintenance, for the filters, usually the filters that give higher performance need to be maintained well. For wood floors vacuum cleaners come with disposable filters that need to be replaced after they have been used for few months and the spam is usually 10 to 12 months.

Power source

The vacuums for wood floors, especially the cordless models are flexible and more portable for use. The cordless ones are good to cover smaller areas but when it comes to larger areas, you will need lot of source of power. Cordless vacuum cleaners for wood floor have less power. The corded ones will be better because in cordless one you will need to keep extra batteries so that as one finishes you can use another and put other on charging.


Attachments for cleaning

Functionality is added to the vacuum with its cleaning attachments. Wood floor vacuums come with crevice tools that focus in between couches of the cushion. You must look for extra attachments for stairs too, as it is one of the most haves in case of vacuum cleaners for wood floors.

Disposal of debris

The disposal of debris should be such that when you are emptying up the vacuum the dirt will not scatter all over you. The best vacuum for wood floors should have such designs that the person is not exposed to dirt, for this, a vacuum should have self-sealing collar that gives smooth releasing mechanisms.

The Benefits Of Shoe Insoles

Nowadays, there are many types of shoe insoles on the market. Insoles bring additional comfort, realignment of the foot, and odor control. Besides, they are also used for reducing foot and heel pain. Using shoe insoles helps you to prevent many other problems such as knee pain, shin pain, and back pain. In this article, we will look at the Best Insoles For Running.

The Benefits Of Shoe Insoles

Why shoe insoles can help?

You can find many insoles on the market as thermal insoles, barefoot insoles, sport insoles, charcoal insoles, and health insoles. Besides, you can also find others like gel pads, toe protection pads, heel pads, and ball pads. There are many different reasons that you should use shoe insoles. You may promote extra comfort for feet if you use shoe insoles. They provide more support for your feet during physical activity. Also, they are designed to be effective with your sport such as running or basketball. Shoe insoles help not only the feet but also other areas of the body. If you regularly use shoe insoles, you can alleviate knee and back pain as well as the injury risk.

Prevention of foot disorders

Shoe insoles may keep your feet comfortable and prevent foot disorders because of high -quality materials that make them. They have immense ability to reduce foot pressure when running, walking, and standing. So, your feet will not be subjected any form of pain and discomfort. Moreover, if you use shoe insoles, you can also prevent muscle and tissue damage.

Make your feet more flexible

In the market, you can see shoe insoles come in orthotic insoles, so you will find the most insole for the feet. When running, walking, or even standing, you can loose flexibility of your feet and experience excruciating pain because of thin tissues in your heels. However, don’t worry. These problems will be solved if you use shoe insoles that help you not only minimize pressure and shock on the feet but also support to foot tissues and muscles.

Shoe insoles also correct existing foot disorders

They are not simply preventive solutions. Shoe insoles are also used in the treatment of a wide range of foot conditions such as knee pain, toe pain, metatarsal gia, plantar fasciitis, bunions, neuroma, and Achilles heel pain. However, you should ask your doctor for a help before using shoe insoles if you want to correct foot disorders. A good doctor will help you choose insoles that match your needs best.

Enhanced comfort

Shoe insoles are designed with high-quality materials in order to minimize shock on the feet in many physical activities. They are ensured to keep your feet in good shape so that you feel more comfortable when using shoe insoles. The general health of your feet is also enhanced with enhanced comfort and sufficient protection. You just have to find the best insoles for your shoes.

Extend the lifespan of your shoes

With the finest materials, shoe insoles are made for longevity and durability purposes in the market. The reason is simply that they reduce ground impact during different activities. Because shoe insoles help your feet to be in perfect shape, they can extend the lifespan of your shoe. In fact, shoe insoles are designed to protect your feet and help you to enjoy the value of your shoes. Therefore, don’t forget to take your time to find a good pair of shoe insoles.

Who needs shoe insoles?

It is essential for those who have foot pain or discomfort due to walking imbalance to use shoe insoles. You can easily recognize imbalances like heel pain, shin pain, or flat feet. They are the reason causing discomfort and pain.

Does it take time to get used to insoles?

You have to take your time to get used to the walking position. You should start to begin with orthotic insoles. Use them for three to four hours during the first 48 hours of use. After these 48 hours, it is good for you to use orthotic for six to eight hours. Finally, you can use them all day.


We recommend that you should consider the benefits of using shoe insoles if you are looking for more comfy or better smelling footwear. As you see, shoe insoles relieve many minor foot problems as well as help with things like balance and posture. Also, people who are suffering from any types of foot problem certainly need to look at shoe insoles that can help them solve their problem.


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